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Copyprint offers some 'Thank Goodness' services and, 'oh I wish I could do that' services.

'Thank Goodness'

Guillotining: we can cut your paper to almost any size

Stapling: we can staple your documents in the corner or down the side without you having to manually fight with a stapler.

Folding: we can fold your flyers, newsletters or letters into half, or three without you (or us) getting arthritis.

Drilling: we can drill your paperwork / invites / binder pages with holes wherever you want them, in various sizes.

Raffle Tickets: If you have ever been given the task of arranging raffle tickets then you will be thankful for this service. We can produce books of 20/25 and give you as many as you need. Quickly and efficiently and you can take all the credit. more

'Oh I wish I could do that'

Padding: we can put your fax headers, job sheets, worksheets or anything else into pads of 50/100/200 which can be torn off when needed.

Carbonless Pads: we can make you work smarter not harder by having your pads made into duplicate or triplicate sets which can be torn off and given to different people with the same information. We can also make Invoice/Order Books.

Booklet Making: ever seen the books with staples in the middle and wonder how they got the staple in that far. Well don't wonder, just get us to make some and let other people wonder. We will of course let you in on the secret!